What’s Your Flavor: Choosing Scrapbook Themes

The beauty of creating scrapbooks is that there are no real conventions in making one; the design possibilities are endless. Enthusiasts are free to put together a scrapbook from whatever materials and resources they have. While this can be great for creative individuals, there’s always the danger of cramming too much junk into the book.

Overdecorating a scrapbook will result in a train wreck of a journal. Random bits and pieces can turn a book into a heap of junk if it isn’t properly organized. While the owner of the scrapbook might not mind, others who will read it might find the book confusing or a little too tacky. To avoid a cluttered look, scrapbook makers should try specifying particular themes for certain portions of the book.

Setting a theme for a scrapbook page is as simple as determining what occasion the page is  commemorating. If a page is filled with pictures from a previous Halloween party, then perhaps you’d want to keep in step with the holiday and decorate the page with decals of monsters and candy. Fortunately, many scrapbooking products come in a variety of themes ranging from various holidays and events. Scrapbooks are meant to celebrate special events in life, so it’s important that the book can clearly deliver that message without confounding readers.