Scrapbooking on a Budget

Scrapbooking is not only a way to preserve your life’s most joyous occasions, it’s also a welcome respite from the rushes of daily living. Making a scrapbook is a rewarding activity, however, it can become an expensive hobby with all the decorative papers, cardstocks, and embellishments you need to buy. Below are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy scrapbooking even on a tight budget:

Use Left Over Supplies

Starting a new project doesn’t necessarily mean buying new supplies. If you have left over papers, stickers, or ribbons, see if you can use them for your new scrapbook before purchasing more supplies. With a little creativity, even left over supplies can be turned into beautiful embellishments.

Scrapbook with Family and Friends

If you have friends or relatives who also scrapbook, get together so you can share tools and supplies with each other. Who knows, they might just have that perfect powder blue paper or that cute stamp you really need. Aside from being able to share supplies, scrapbooking is also a great way to spend quality time with your fellow enthusiasts.

Order Supplies Online

Nowadays, scouring craft stores isn’t the only way to buy scrapbook supplies. Online scrapbooking stores not only have cheaper prices but also regularly offer sales. To get even more savings, consider buying supplies in bulk.


How to Make a Well-crafted Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a good way to unleash your inner artist. If you’re into collecting memorabilia and taking photos of special occasions, then you might as well create fancy scrapbooks instead of stashing these things away. Here’s a list of tips to make your scrapbook beautiful.


Before you begin working on your scrapbook, set up all the items you need. Arrange all the pictures and memorabilia according to your preferred order or theme. Be sure to have all the scrapbooking supplies you need within reach.

Templates and Themes

Using a template or theme to arrange your scrapbook elements may sound too stiff and uninteresting, when in reality, it’s the other way around. A template with a thoughtfully designed motif can give every page of your scrapbook a more focused and coherent look. Rather than cram disparate elements haphazardly into one page, you might want to step back a little bit and figure out the ideal color palette and layout to make each page as tasteful as possible.

Scrapbooking Meme

Scrapbooking styles have greatly evolved over the course of 300 years. From simple pasted letters and photos, many of today’s scrapbooks have lots of cool additions such as accordion pages for travel memorabilia and pockets for collections. All it takes, really, is a bit of creativity and, of course, quality scrapbook supplies to complete your project.

Buy Scrapbooking Supplies Wholesale for a Good Scrapbooking Experience

Scrapbooking can be done for any kind of occasion. Whether they’re for a wedding or your child’s first birthday, scrapbooking makes any occasion all the more special. However, the typical scrapbooking supplies you have at home may not go well with unique occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, of the Fourth of July. Fortunately, big stores like enable you to buy a huge variety of scrapbooking supplies wholesale.

Visit Online Scrapbook Stores and Fulfill Your Scrapbooking Dreams

“All the milestones, from magical to mortifying, make great stories — at least eventually.” writes Sloane Stephens Cox of Bella Magazine. These milestones may be remembered through old photographs and mementos, but there’s no other way to tell a story effectively than through scrapbooks. They require an assortment of art supplies that people don’t usually have at home, which compels some scrapbooking enthusiasts to buy supplies from scrapbook stores online. The effort, however, is worth as much as the sense of accomplishment that they feel afterward.