Some Tips for Getting Started In Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a noble hobby with a long legacy of creativity by its practitioners. However, creating your own scrapbook can still be a daunting prospect for those who are just starting out. A scrapbook is something that will showcase the memories of an individual or group, something that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Creating what it stores is a challenging task. If you want to start doing your own scrapbook, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Start with your disposable photos, or at least the ones that you have copies of. Pictures take the most slashing in a scrapbook; the cutting and gluing can damage them. It’s better to preserve a copy of the photo to be safe.


  • Don’t splurge on supplies. It may be tempting to go and buy everything in the scrapbook shop, but since you’re a beginner, it would be best to start with only the basics. Besides, if you develop a taste for it, there are a lot of online shops that sell scrapbook supplies in bulk at cheaper prices than brick-and-mortar shops.


  • Learn restraint. Some people have the tendency to get fancy and just slap everything in the book. You’ll probably end up regretting it later. Try to aim for an understated approach with a few embellishments. You’ll have chances to be more exuberant later when you’re more skilled.

Scrapbooking can be a rewarding experience. Hopefully, these tips can ensure your enthusiasm for the hobby doesn’t disappear.


Advantages of Scrapbooking

Some people see scrapbooking as a mere hobby, others treat it like it’s their job. Many haven’t done a single scrapbook at all. Scrapbooks have many benefits, including keeping cherished memories and thoughts through the use of photos and words, respectively, in a creative manner. Here are a few more advantages of scrapbooking.

Heartfelt Present
Scrapbooks make great presents. It shows someone that you care enough to take the time and effort to create something for them. If made properly, it could last a lifetime and can be passed on to other generations. Showcasing your photos, especially shots that show you and the recipient of the scrapbook together—sends the positive message that you cherish these memories.

Quality Time
When done with other family members, scrapbooking also gives you time to bond with your loved ones. It provides you a venue to express your creativity and to recall happy moments together.

Stress Relief
Scrapbooking helps relieve stress by allowing your mind to focus on something fun and creative. It relaxes you and allows you to think of something else other than your problems.

Healing Tool
Scrapbooking promotes emotional healing, especially if a loved one just died. If you or a family member is finding it hard to let go, scrapbooking may help. It allows you to focus on the good memories instead of the sorrow. In the end, it may also help other family members heal. Online scrapbooking stores offer everything you need to start your own scrapbook.

Scrapbooking for the Rebel in You

You may notice that several how-to articles mention plenty of do’s and don’t’s on scrapbooking. However, scrapbooking is one hobby that shouldn’t be confined by what someone else says is right or wrong. The right and wrong way to make a scrapbook is entirely at the hands and tastes of the one making it. Scrapbooking, to put it simply, is your chance to “cut loose.” Continue reading

Starting Your Scrapbook Business with Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies

A scrapbook business is a continual learning process. You’ll definitely have to know how to reach and attract customers; you have to do research as to the trends of what they are interested in. With this, you can update your inventory with the in-demand materials or designs, tailor your scrapbook events to preferred settings, or even revamp your business altogether.

Whichever type of scrapbooking business you would delve into, purchasing wholesale scrapbook supplies would be a must. Online stores like offer discounted rates on wholesale purchases, so that you can maximize your profits. This also fosters a steady relationship with a supplier, so that your scrapbooking business never runs out of fuel.

Start and Keep an Enjoyable Hobby with Nifty Scrapbook Stores Online

To get started, you have to think of the theme of your scrapbook. It could be special occasions or events like travel, concerts, holidays or dates. It could be a collection of the highlights of your calendar or school year, or even an extensive 365-page album for each day of the year. You could focus on your personal experiences, a special person like your partner or a certain set of people like your family and friends.

Next, you have to plan the timeline of your scrapbook. You can plan a chronological scrapbook and start from the earliest event going to the most recent. This allows you to add pages as you go along. You can also create one with past memories, where the finished product can be given as a gift or be viewed like an album.

2014 Convention Preparations with Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies

“In case you want to make this as an opportunity to showcase your hobbyist-slash-business management skills, you can also bring your finished products over and set up your own booth. For this particular objective, coordinate with the events team for your booth application. Professionals will also advise that you stock up on scrapbooking supplies wholesale, so that you can just churn out one scrapbooking delight after another.

Fortunately for you, online scrapbook stores, such as, offer a lot of great finds, and at discounted costs. In fact, if you’re bent on going all-out for multiple major scrapbooking projects, you’ll be sure to save some more on your materials expense if you buy wholesale scrapbooking supplies.”