Scrapbooking for the Rebel in You

You may notice that several how-to articles mention plenty of do’s and don’t’s on scrapbooking. However, scrapbooking is one hobby that shouldn’t be confined by what someone else says is right or wrong. The right and wrong way to make a scrapbook is entirely at the hands and tastes of the one making it. Scrapbooking, to put it simply, is your chance to “cut loose.”

Crystal Rieger points this out in her book “Cut Loose: Break the Rules of Scrapbooking.” She mentions 30 common rules in scrapbooking and ways on how to break them.

Whatever suits your taste in scrapbooking, do it. Do you want to litter the pages with Hello Kitty stickers? Nobody can stop you. The first rule of scrapbooking is that there are no rules.

So what’s with the tips and guidelines that litter the Internet like the contents of a scrapbook? They’re called “tips” and “guidelines” for a reason. You can choose not to follow them to pursue your own way of making things. If you can think of something better than the tips posted on the Internet, then by all means, go ahead.

Rules limit creativity, which is true not only for scrapbooks but other forms of expressive media. When it comes to YOUR scrapbook, stick to YOUR rules.


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