Advantages of Scrapbooking

Some people see scrapbooking as a mere hobby, others treat it like it’s their job. Many haven’t done a single scrapbook at all. Scrapbooks have many benefits, including keeping cherished memories and thoughts through the use of photos and words, respectively, in a creative manner. Here are a few more advantages of scrapbooking.

Heartfelt Present
Scrapbooks make great presents. It shows someone that you care enough to take the time and effort to create something for them. If made properly, it could last a lifetime and can be passed on to other generations. Showcasing your photos, especially shots that show you and the recipient of the scrapbook together—sends the positive message that you cherish these memories.

Quality Time
When done with other family members, scrapbooking also gives you time to bond with your loved ones. It provides you a venue to express your creativity and to recall happy moments together.

Stress Relief
Scrapbooking helps relieve stress by allowing your mind to focus on something fun and creative. It relaxes you and allows you to think of something else other than your problems.

Healing Tool
Scrapbooking promotes emotional healing, especially if a loved one just died. If you or a family member is finding it hard to let go, scrapbooking may help. It allows you to focus on the good memories instead of the sorrow. In the end, it may also help other family members heal. Online scrapbooking stores offer everything you need to start your own scrapbook.


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