A List of Must-Buys in Online Scrapbooking Stores

Scrapbooks aren’t just collections of personal pictures, mementos, and scribbled letters that are preserved in an album. They’re works of art that tell a story to anyone who may browse through them. As such, choosing scrapbooking supplies should be done with the same care as one would have in buying paints, glues, brushes, and other art materials. One thing to keep in mind when buying scrapbook materials is that some supplies may have more advantages than others.

For instance, adhesives like glues and pastes need to be chosen carefully because they can cause unwanted damages on the album’s pages. Acid-free glues are a good choice as these won’t cause burns on fragile scrapbook contents like photographs. That said, dry adhesives, like double-sided tapes, may be preferable because they’re not as messy to use as liquid-based adhesives.

Meanwhile, coloring and writing materials should be selected according to the type of paper where they would be used on. Vellum, for example, is translucent and usually comes in a variety of color and design options, which may eliminate the need for added coloring or design materials. However, it can only be written on using strong inks. Patterned paper, on the other hand, can be used as decoration or as the main page material, but most are rather thin and easily ruined by blotted inks and pastels.


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