Basic Guidelines in Making a Scrapbook

If there’s one thing a scrapbooking experience can offer, it’s the opportunity to become an instant artist. Arranging photos and memorabilia is a task that involves a great deal of creativity. However, compared to other forms of art, scrapbooking comes with diverse design options and allows the use of a plethora of materials and accessories.

While there are no restrictions in art, there are standard guidelines you can follow to come up with an attractive masterpiece. In scrapbooking, several design principles allow you to more effectively express the story in every page. For instance, the visual triangle–or a strategic arrangement of the most prominent items into a triangle–helps prevent distraction, and thus conveys the message of the scrapbook page more clearly to its viewer.

There’s also a guideline on the number of photos you can place in every page. Most inexperienced scrapbook makers typically arrange four photos or items side by side on a page. Although there’s nothing wrong with this style, placing an odd number of photos or souvenir items with varying sizes can be more effective. Called the “Rule of Odds” by expert designers, this applies to all forms of design that involves layout.

Some rules say you can repeat one or two elements in each page to maximize the space. However, this may compromise uniqueness. Additionally, space is an important element in a scrapbook design, so make sure you use it well.


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