Scrapbook Supplies: Save or Splurge?

Before buying scrapbook supplies, it is important to ask yourself: “Should I save, or should I splurge?” To get an enjoyable crafting experience, weigh the usefulness, durability, and aesthetic value of supplies and accessories before you purchase any. Let these few tips guide you:


Album and Paper: SPLURGE!

Since the album and scrapbook pages are the foundations of your crafting project, you definitely need to make sure you get only the best. You want materials that are as wear and tear resistant as possible, so you can frequently revisit and keep the scrapbook for a long time without much damage.

Embellishments: SAVE!

Stickers, washi tapes, buttons, and other embellishments can be easily replaced and are relatively cheaper than other scrapbook supplies. When buttons or sticker strips fall or peel out of place, a couple of bucks can go a long way in refinishing your scrapbook.


Basic Supplies: SPLURGE!

To build, bind, and merge scrapbook elements together, you should invest on the basic, essential supplies and tools, such as adhesives, paper cutters, and scissors. You may also want to invest on organizers to properly store your accessories, and to avoid cluttered tables or crafts rooms.

Wholesale: SAVE!

Now, when you’re buying wholesale scrapbook supplies for a long-term hobby, an event or party, a business, or any other circumstance, you should definitely seek savings. Online stores with the best brands for scrapbook supplies frequently offer discounts and exclusive deals for wholesale purchases.


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