How to Buy Wholesale Scrapbook Supplies

You probably love scrapbooking a lot if you are reading this. That’s understandable because actually, scrapbooks are truly a nifty way to collect and share memories with family members, friends and acquaintances. Buying scrapbook supplies in wholesale would be a good idea if you take your craft seriously and are keen on capturing moments in photographs and souvenirs.

However, wholesale is sometimes not for all. There are companies and businesses that have strict requirements before they sell supplies in bulk. Here are ways for you to be able to buy scrap book supplies from a wholesaler:

  1. Look for online stores. Online stores are very open to do transactions with almost anyone. An online supplier would be your best option.
  2. Ask a hobby shop to buy in your behalf. You can go to your trusted local hobby shop and ask them to place an order with the wholesaler for you.
  3. Band up with fellow scrapbook-makers. If you’ve got friends who love scrapbooking too, then you could probably agree on the supplies that you’ll need to qualify for a wholesale transaction.
  4. Become a scrapbook supplies reseller. Since you love scrapbooking, you may want to start your own supplies reselling business and become a regular wholesale customer. That way, you get the supplies you need and you can resell all your extra materials.

Whatever way you choose, always remember to do your research and transact only with trusted scrapbook supplies wholesalers.


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