Tips on How to Build Your Own Travelogue

Scrapbooking is a great way to document the places you’ve been to around the world. It’s an exciting activity to do, since you get reminisce all the experiences you’ve encountered along the way. To make it more thrilling, here are some tips in crafting your very personal travel diary:

  • A photograph speaks a thousand words, capturing the moment and immortalizing what you see for others to witness. Don’t just paste your pictures in your book. Arrange it in such a way that illustrates how you went through that trip to Paris. You can display the images in sequential order and write notes detailing each location’s features and the things that you won’t forget about it.
  • Add little trinkets like the little box of macarons you bought, or the napkin you used in Le Rotonde. Attach ticket stubs, maps, postcards, and receipts you’ve accumulated to show how much fun and excitement you’ve gone through in your journey. You can also trim the maps and make them proper backdrops, together with your other scrapbooking supplies, for precious keepsakes.
  • In the future, opt to sketch out different features and highlights of your trip. A small flower by the park, the grand classical building downtown, the fruit stall by the roadside – when you plan to record these, it compels you to “see” things more clearly and drives you to learn more about the place’s culture and heritage. Bring coloring materials, too, to enhance your experience.

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