Scrapbooking for Newbies: On Layouts

Scrapbooking can be a great hobby that lets you pour your imagination on anything you wish to commemorate or remember. These are your picture trips down memory lane. If you’re passionate enough, you can even turn your scrapbooking hobby into a legitimate business, partnering up with a good online store for supplies. For now though, here are some important scrapbooking tips you shouldn’t miss out on:

Focal Point Photo

Make sure that you choose a singular theme for your scrapbook, and it should revolve around a photo that will serve as your focal point. You can put this main picture in the cover or in the centerfold as long as you keep all your other ‘accessory’ photos centered around it.

Basic Layouts

Keep your layouts simple and easy on the eyes. This means choosing only one or two pictures per page and toning down the color choice to up to three hues only. Crop your photos if you want to line it with accessories or décor so the edges won’t show out of the borders. Also, don’t forget to leave enough space for text.


Don’t forget to write on the pages; you have the choice on how long each journal contents will be, so be creative when you write. Also, if you want extra space for journaling without having to allot a blank space for it, add a pre-made envelope or design a library pocket and customize it to your heart’s content.


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