Scrapbook Newbie? Here’s How to Save on Supplies

If you’re not satisfied with simply storing your printed photographs in albums, it’s time to put your creative chops to work and make a scrapbook instead. With this, you get to hone your arts and crafts skills and put your most cherished memories on paper. To do this, you’ll need scrapbook supplies, so here are tips on how you can save on the essentials:

Shop online.


Shopping online allows you to get your hands on good deals. Some online retailers offer discounts on starter kits or buy-one, take-one on stickers. You just have to be vigilant, and visit their websites constantly to learn about these enticing offers. Continue reading


Some of the Most Vital Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies You’ll Need

These items can be typically found in both brick-and-mortar and online shops that offer wholesale scrapbook supplies, like This particular website even showcases products from the best brands like Echo Park Paper, Scrapworks, and We R Memory Keepers sold at discount prices. Since quality and quantity are already taken care of, perhaps the only thing that scrapbook enthusiasts have to worry about is selecting the “best” papers, paper cutters, and adhesives that suit their plans for their albums.

For example, people should buy scrapbook papers that are acid-free and lignin-free. The former is an important attribute because some photographs used in scrapbooking may have been processed through a ‘stop bath’, which involves dipping the negatives into a bowl of acetic or citric acid. If these photos aren’t placed on an acid-free surface, they will fade and lose their luster over time, even if they’re sealed from the elements. Lignin-free, meanwhile, is also an important attribute because lignin- which is found in wood- is very sensitive to heat and light and causes the paper to turn yellow.