Essential Scrapbooking Supplies: What to Look For

When you start scrapbooking, there are several materials that should be part of your supplies. Go through the products featured on online scrapbook stores to get some ideas of what you will need.

Your scrapbook papers should preferably be acid-free and lignin-free. The former is important because some photographs used in scrapbooking may have been processed through a ‘stop bath’, which involves dipping the negatives into a bowl of acetic or citric acid. If these photos aren’t placed on an acid-free surface, they will fade and lose their luster over time. Lignin-free, meanwhile, is also an important attribute because lignin─ which is found in wood─ is very sensitive to heat and light and causes the paper to turn yellow. Continue reading


Big Family Bonding Made Better With Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies

Getting scrapbooking supplies from wholesale retailers can be a cost-effective way to give children the freedom to create using their very own materials, especially when it comes to big families. It can help parents open and further improve communication lines with their children, while also encouraging the children to share among themselves.

Besides buying wholesale scrapbook supplies, scrapbook kits are also available for those who want to save time picking and choosing from hundreds of designs sold in various stores. Making the process even more convenient, online shops such as display their available designs and kits on their websites, and families can have a fun time browsing options before picking out the ones they love.

Scrapbooking Tips: Buy Items from Online Stores

Scrapbooking is an exciting hobby that can even bring you some profit, if you want to. With a bit of creativity, you can immortalize priceless photographs into something that’s more than just any other photo album.

This hobby also allows you to experiment with brushes, papers, layouts, and color combinations. Because of the amount of creativity it needs, this activity requires more time and effort than what you would put into simply arranging your photo albums. To help along, you must start looking for places where you can conveniently buy your materials, such as reputable online scrapbook stores. Continue reading

Online Scrapbook Stores Help Make Caregiving Moments More Meaningful

One of the ways in which scrapbooking helps lighten challenging times is how it transports people to other times and places. It could be a memorable once-in-a-lifetime trip documented through photographs, mementos from various life events such as graduations, births, and family reunions, or even simple trinkets or knick-knacks from ordinary days. Scrapbooking makes these memories come to life again with the added bonus of preserving them in a beautiful way.

Because having to look out for recovering family members can be very demanding, family caregivers may not have the luxury of time to go out and browse scrapbooking stores for paper, ribbons, cards, and other equipment to proceed with their craft projects. Fortunately, online scrapbook stores such as make the process more convenient by offering various supplies and kits through their websites.