Essential Scrapbooking Supplies: What to Look For

When you start scrapbooking, there are several materials that should be part of your supplies. Go through the products featured on online scrapbook stores to get some ideas of what you will need.

Your scrapbook papers should preferably be acid-free and lignin-free. The former is important because some photographs used in scrapbooking may have been processed through a ‘stop bath’, which involves dipping the negatives into a bowl of acetic or citric acid. If these photos aren’t placed on an acid-free surface, they will fade and lose their luster over time. Lignin-free, meanwhile, is also an important attribute because lignin─ which is found in wood─ is very sensitive to heat and light and causes the paper to turn yellow.

The choice of glues and other adhesives is also important for similar reasons. ‘White glues’ (or polyvinyl acetates) are cheap, acid-free, and simple to use, making them a good choice for scrapbooking. However, they are also quite susceptible to water and their bonds aren’t as good as other adhesives like glue sticks. That said, some of the strongest adhesives, like rubber cement, contain traces of acid, which means that they can cause damage to photos and other scrapbooking materials.

Finally, selecting the “best” paper cutters mostly depends on how people value their scrapbook’s aesthetic values. If they want clean, uniform cuts, they’re better off using the bulkier but more precise paper trimmers. Paper trimmers are even recommended by experienced photojournalists for vintage photographs or inkjet prints.


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