Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies: Organizing will Free Your Imagination

Scrapbooking is a fun activity that allows your creative juices to flow and come up with something truly astounding, while preserving cherished memories. It is both a memorabilia and a work of art that you can proudly show off to friends and family. To successfully create a scrapbook, however, you need to be aware of its important elements.


Why a Blank Page Makes the Best Gift

Well, maybe not literally a blank page. Numerous people have experienced it before: receiving an impersonal gift that reveals how little the giver knows about them, or even worse, the lack of thought and care spent on it. What should have been a meaningful moment turns into a waste when the object gets stuffed into musty boxes in the attic or re-gifted at the next party.

Giving scrapbook sets as gifts can turn this scenario on its head. Get unique boxes or bags and fill them with beautiful blank pages and other scrapbooking materials such as scissors, ribbons, stickers, and colorful pens. The lucky receivers can then fill those pages with photographs, receipts, handwritten notes, and other trinkets that would help them immortalize important events in their lives. Continue reading

How Scrapbooks Ground People Back to the Real World

There’s no denying that technology has lit up countless aspects of human life, but the web also has a downside. Too much time spent online has been shown to increase depression and anxiety, and fostering meaningful social connections has become a genuine challenge, especially among those who grew up in the digital age. Therefore, taking the time to experience the world away from the Internet is essential in maintaining one’s well-being. Continue reading