Why a Blank Page Makes the Best Gift

Well, maybe not literally a blank page. Numerous people have experienced it before: receiving an impersonal gift that reveals how little the giver knows about them, or even worse, the lack of thought and care spent on it. What should have been a meaningful moment turns into a waste when the object gets stuffed into musty boxes in the attic or re-gifted at the next party.

Giving scrapbook sets as gifts can turn this scenario on its head. Get unique boxes or bags and fill them with beautiful blank pages and other scrapbooking materials such as scissors, ribbons, stickers, and colorful pens. The lucky receivers can then fill those pages with photographs, receipts, handwritten notes, and other trinkets that would help them immortalize important events in their lives.

To personalize it even more, you can assemble a gift package that corresponds to the celebration. For example, create a graduation scrapbook package that they can use to store pictures and mementos of that occasion. You can also make ones for Christmas, birthdays, or bridal showers.

Finally, buying wholesale scrapbook supplies makes this even easier because you can store the materials somewhere safe until the perfect time to give them away arrives. A gift is supposed to be a symbol of how you cherish the people in your lives, and what better choice to express that than to give them a concrete way to visit the good times over and over again.


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