Top Reasons to Try Scrapbooking

Numerous people around the world are into scrapbooking, and it’s no surprise, really. While the primary reason is personal pleasure derived from the craft, many people consider scrapbooking as a means to tap into ways where other skills and pursuits can be developed. Here are a few of them:

Photos deserve a home IRL – There will be a time when your iPhone wouldn’t be enough to store all of your photos. Scrapbooks are the perfect home for such photos in real life, and they would technically last longer in one; long enough to be viewable by your future children and even grandkids to look at. Continue reading


Birthday Gifts Out of Scrapbooking Supplies

Giving a person a present on his or her birthday is a touching deed. Fortunately, shopping centers are teeming with items that can easily be wrapped to make a present. However, it’s more meaningful to give a gift that you put some effort in making.

Gifts that we make with our own hands are always more thoughtful and very much appreciated by those who receive it. Listed below are a few examples of handmade gifts that will be perfect for a loved one’s birthday:

Handmade and Handwritten: Birthday Cards

Americans send out about 6.5 billion greeting cards every year. Yes, millions of birthday cards are made and sent every day, but it doesn’t mean that yours can’t stand out. You’re never too old for arts and crafts and designing a card for a friend could end up being loads of fun. Continue reading

What You Need to Make a Travel Scrapbook

The best way to preserve travel memories is to put them in a Scrapbook. Unlike a typical photo album, a scrapbook tells the story of your journey more creatively. Here are some ideas you can try when you create your next travel scrapbook:

Design it with a theme in mind

It would be a cool idea to choose scrapbooking materials with a theme related to the state or country you visited. For example, if you want to keep a record of your day in Disneyland, you can add stickers of your favorite Disney characters. If you traveled to Japan, use papers with an oriental design as your background. Continue reading