What You Need to Make a Travel Scrapbook

The best way to preserve travel memories is to put them in a Scrapbook. Unlike a typical photo album, a scrapbook tells the story of your journey more creatively. Here are some ideas you can try when you create your next travel scrapbook:

Design it with a theme in mind

It would be a cool idea to choose scrapbooking materials with a theme related to the state or country you visited. For example, if you want to keep a record of your day in Disneyland, you can add stickers of your favorite Disney characters. If you traveled to Japan, use papers with an oriental design as your background.

Take plenty of good-quality photos

Printing only the best photos would save you money and make your scrapbook look more polished. Selfies are fine, but pasting them all over the page could be a bit boring to the other people who’ll browse it. Take photographs that represent your vacation destination’s culture the most, and make sure that you have shots of that country’s food, people and architecture.

Save the bits and pieces

Photos aren’t the only things you can put in a scrapbook. Receipts, bus stubs, show tickets and fliers add flair to your scrapbook pages. Write down the lyrics of your road trip’s playlist or some of the interesting foreign words you’ve learned. Items like these could capture more memories than pictures and evoke more feelings of nostalgia when you look back at it.


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