Top Reasons to Try Scrapbooking

Numerous people around the world are into scrapbooking, and it’s no surprise, really. While the primary reason is personal pleasure derived from the craft, many people consider scrapbooking as a means to tap into ways where other skills and pursuits can be developed. Here are a few of them:

Photos deserve a home IRL – There will be a time when your iPhone wouldn’t be enough to store all of your photos. Scrapbooks are the perfect home for such photos in real life, and they would technically last longer in one; long enough to be viewable by your future children and even grandkids to look at.

Your photography skills will improve – Scrapbooks only feature the best available photos from anyone’s massive collection. If you’re looking to put a photo in a scrapbook, you’d have a lot of chances to judge which photo best depicts what you’re trying to portray—and as a result, you apply the same attention to detail in your photography.

Your scrapbook, your style, your taste – Scrapbooks are highly valued because they’re highly personalized—and one might term them “material representations” of the person creating them. You can design it any way you see fit; go minimal, super-artsy, or whatever! What matters most is that your scrapbook should feel none other than you and you alone.

Good conversation starter – If you consider yourself bad at doing small talks, a scrapbook can help you out. Whether it’s a friend or kin who visits you, once they see a scrapbook with all your nice trappings and photos on it, you’ll always have a topic to talk about.


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