Join Clubs, Buy Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies, and Scrapbook Tips

Some established online retailers like offer attractive discounts for bulk purchases, and one can’t truly maximize these savings if they buy merely for their individual use. Meanwhile, if they get together with fellow scrapbook hobbyists in their community, they can pool their money together to buy wholesale scrapbooking supplies and take advantage of these discounts.


Online Scrapbook Store: Tips for Pictures, Memories, and Scrapbooking

You may find materials—as well as inspiration for your collection—at scrapbook stores online like Their galleries can give you an idea for the direction you might want to go with your scrapbook. If you haven’t found the perfect kit yet, there’s also a huge chance that you can find it at these websites.

Birthday Gifts That You Can Make with Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies

A scrapbook is nicer to look at, and much more enjoyable to browse through when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Price tags can never really indicate how special a person is to you, which is why personalized gifts will never run out of style. If you want to start giving out handmade presents like these, you should buy scrapbooking supplies in wholesale from online stores like

Carry On, Soldier

Family members whose loved ones are in the armed forces will miss them deeply whenever they’re deployed in other locations. At some point in the future, these servicemen and women themselves may also want to look back at the time they wore the uniform. If your loved one is retiring soon after a distinguished career, you can help mark the occasion by acquiring wholesale scrapbook supplies to create a memorable scrapbook that he or she will cherish.


Designing a theme of your loved one’s military scrapbook will depend first and foremost on their branch of service’s main colors. The Air Force will be a deep shade of blue and white, the Navy will have navy blue and gold, the Marines use scarlet and gold, the Army uses army green and black (among others), while white, and CG blue and red are for the Coast Guard. Their camouflage patterns may also be accent pieces, but be careful not to overdo it. Continue reading

Making a Travel Scrapbook: Scrapbook Stores Online Have What You Need

It would be a cool idea to choose scrapbooking materials whose theme is related to the state or country you visited. For example, if you want to keep a record of your day in Disneyland, you can add stickers of your favorite Disney characters. If you traveled to Japan, use papers with an oriental design as your background. Some scrapbook stores online sell a wide array of art materials with varying themes and motifs.

Take plenty of good-quality photos

Printing only the best photos would save you money and make your scrapbook look more polished.