Scrapbooking Ideas for Past, Present, and Future

Scrapbooking is a great idea whether you want to preserve your memories or just exercise your creativity. It’s something that anyone can do and the process is fun, from the creation all the way to the end result.

Here are some suggestions for making a scrapbook based on the past, present, and future:

The Past

Why not create a scrapbook focusing on the past year? Put in the highlights of your year– places you’ve been, people you’ve met, obstacles you’ve overcome, and lessons you’ve learned. Or what about a collection of your childhood memories? Dig up your childhood photos, favorite toys, or just reminisce on special memories.

The Present

Try putting together a scrapbook of your current favorites– music, food, TV shows, movies, etc. You can look at them again at a later time to see if your tastes have changed.

The Future

A scrapbook of life goals is always a good idea. This can serve as an inspiration for you every time you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night. You can also try putting together pictures of places you want to go. Get them all there whether it’s for a short vacation or long stay. Happy scrapbooking!


Essential Supplies from Online Scrapbooking Stores

Essential Supplies from Online Scrapbooking Stores

Scrapbooks are a fun and creative way to preserve your memories using photos and other materials. If you’re a beginner, you might find it a bit overwhelming at first because of the sheer variety of supplies to choose from. It is recommended, however, that you start with only the essential supplies.

  1. Papers and Pen

Scrapbooking requires the use of a variety of papers, from car stocks to patterned papers. You would need to keep these in a large supply. Likewise, you would also need to keep a collection of high quality pens to write things down on your scrapbook.

  1. Cutting Tools

A good pair of scissors, and maybe a handy cutter and trimmer,, are all you need to handle all the paper you need to cut.

  1. Designs

What makes scrapbooking fun is adding colorful designs as a final touch. You would need a selection of ribbons, buttons, eyelets, tags, stickers, and other items. Build up your collection by getting the designs that would suit your style.

  1. Albums

After all that cutting, writing, and decorating, you would want to put your work somewhere it will be preserved for a long time. Buy special scrapbooking albums in different kinds of styles, colors, and sizes.

These are the essential supplies you need to get started on your scrapbooking. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can expand your collection by getting different supplies for your next scrapbook.

Add Special Touches to Your Personal Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your memories. Scrapbooks can hold special meaning for adults by serving as time capsules of their childhood adventures and experiences. Children go through a lot of milestones, especially early on, so it’s nice to have accounts of these events to be viewed when they are older. Continue reading

Personal Scrapbooks Help the Elderly Remember

As people grow older, they start losing their memories. This condition can be managed by reminiscence therapy; in individual or one-on-one settings, the therapist makes use of the same tools necessary, as well as encourage the patient, to create a “life history book”, which others also call a “scrapbook.” Putting together bits of the patient’s memorabilia and encouraging creativity and imagination with the use of scrapbook supplies can help achieve the therapy’s main goals, which are to help the patient re-establish self-esteem, alleviate boredom and depression, and improve the ability to communicate. Also, by stimulating the brain, scrapbooking can help in delaying cognitive degeneration. Continue reading