Online Scrapbook Stores Provide Needed Tools in Reminiscence Therapy

In individual or one-on-one settings, the therapist also makes use of the same tools, and encourages the patient to create a “life history book”, which others also call a “scrapbook”. Putting together bits of the patient’s memorabilia, and encouraging creativity and imagination with the use of supplies that one can find from reliable online scrapbook stores, can help achieve the therapy’s main goals, which are to help the patient re-establish self-esteem, alleviate boredom and depression, and improve the ability to communicate. Also, by stimulating the brain, scrapbooking can help in delaying cognitive degeneration.

Writing on Today’s Senior Magazine, occupational therapy assistant Kathy Johnson says she personally witnessed the therapeutic benefits of scrapbooking on dementia-stricken elderly patients. Scrapbooking tasks have helped certain individuals focus and follow directions better, and regain the resolve to finish a project.


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