Three Smashing Scrapbooking Tips for Beginners

Don’t just rely on your phone, computer, or ‘the cloud’ alone to house your memories. You could do more than just stashing your pictures in your phone, and the only way you can look at them is by scrolling through. Print. Record. Reminisce. You can do all that when you start scrapbooking your remembrances.

So how do you get good at scrapbooking? If you’re new to the craft, here are ways to simplify the process and maximize the enjoyment you get out of it.

Keep a journal

“Get ready to take notes,” is something a school teacher would often say, and it’s something you should take seriously now if you want to hone your scrapbooking skills. When something memorable happens, write it down. The notes you collect will come quite handy when you’re creating a layout for your scrapbook.

Learn to consolidate

Do some of your stories overlap with repeating patterns or information? Are you missing some photos for a certain event, but have pictures for another similar event? Maybe your scrapbook can benefit from the consolidation of some stories. Try consolidating two stories into one, using only a single photo for them.

Use only one font

Using several fonts in your scrapbook can make it look shoddy and haphazard. Use instead complementary colors to achieve a uniform look throughout your scrapbook.


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