Scrapbooking Tips: Dealing with Photos

With scrapbook making, photos and images are the big shots. The creative use and placement of photos can harness the playground of the imagination whose value can infuse a dynamic feel to the overall design. Here are some tips to get your photos tell exciting stories in your scrapbook:

  • If you will be printing photos, you may want to do some retouching (e.g. adjusting exposure, adding some tint, etc.). These aren’t too difficult to execute and there are lots of tutorials and apps online that you can follow.

  • Choose a photo that will serve as a focal point. This will serve as the central element for your page. You don’t always have to take that literally, though. It may actually be better to put the focal-point photo at the upper left corner for left-to-right reading orientation.

  • Highlight your main photograph. Aside from positioning, you can do other things to let a viewer know how your story on the page revolves around the focal-point photo. Frame it using ribbons or other preferred embellishments. Make it larger as well.

  • If you want photos to be removable, you can choose not to glue the photos on the page and, instead, create embellished photo corners into which the photos can be inserted or attached. You can cover the corners with your choice of trimmings or accessories.

For your decoration or adornments, remember that you can pull off a more unique touch (and save money) by creatively making use of stuffs that are already lying around in your room. You can also, of course, buy wholesale scrapbook supplies for bargain price.


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