Scrapbooking Tips for Your Wedding Mementos

Scrapbooking is a fun and wonderful way of preserving the memories of your special day. It’s livelier than a typical wedding album, which makes your moments more memorable as each page is turned. Here are some scrapbooking tips for your wedding memorabilia:

Choosing Your Album

Find an album style that allows you to move around the pages easily to make organizing less stressful. Some good choices will be a 3-ring binder-style or post-bound album. You can open a standard post-bound album at the back to add in more pages and simply pull the page from the protector should you wish to replace or switch pages.

Deciding on Your Design Theme

As much as possible, keep your color combinations at a minimum. A festive, bold-splashed design may look cute in mind at first, but not when you’re already doing the scrapbook and you can’t decide what to do with the next page. Plus, when your layout is jam-packed with embellishments, you divert focus off the most important memorabilia on the page. You’d want the story to take the spotlight, not get drowned in flashy design.

Giving Your Page Color, Pattern, and Texture

Use papers and embellishments that will emphasize the photos, not necessarily match them. For instance, just because your wedding was themed pink doesn’t mean you have to use it all over the pages. You don’t need to use the same paper or color; incorporate variety to each page.


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