Scrapbooking Tips for Your Wedding Mementos

Scrapbooking is a fun and wonderful way of preserving the memories of your special day. It’s livelier than a typical wedding album, which makes your moments more memorable as each page is turned. Here are some scrapbooking tips for your wedding memorabilia:

Choosing Your Album

Find an album style that allows you to move around the pages easily to make organizing less stressful. Some good choices will be a 3-ring binder-style or post-bound album. You can open a standard post-bound album at the back to add in more pages and simply pull the page from the protector should you wish to replace or switch pages. Continue reading


Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies: How to Choose The Perfect Scrapbook

Just as a budding Michelangelo would need a chisel and a blank canvas to paint, a scrapbooking novice would require tools to get started on his or her new-found passion. The first thing you’ll need, naturally, is a scrapbook. There’s a wide variety of wholesale scrapbooking supplies available in craft shops and online stores so there’s always something to inspire you to be creative and unique with your work.

Online Scrapbooking Stores: Tips for Making Handmade Greeting Cards

Bouquets, diamonds, and grand gestures aren’t always the best ways to show someone how you feel. A thoughtful gift is worth more than anything money could buy, especially if it’s customized for the one you love. Sometimes small, inexpensive presents are the ones that are appreciated the most, and even something as simple as a card could be used to express boundless emotions.

Great Tips for an Amazing Summer Scrapbook

Summer can be a great season for scrapbooking. Take the perfect summer vacation, document everything that happens every day, attend all the activities, take lots of beautiful photos, buy some quality scrapbooking supplies and voila. You have all the ingredients you need to make a memorable summer scrapbook.

The season, however, can get hectic due to all the activities and responsibilities that need your focus. So how can you make summer scrapbooking fun in a way that works for you? First things first: you need to figure out what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself these questions: What is your scrapbooking goal? How much time every day can you actually allot for scrapbooking? Do you want your scrapbook to focus more on stories, images or artwork? The answers will help you craft a scrapbooking schedule that will fit into your summer vacation fun nicely.

Realistically speaking, you may not be able to spend a lot of time on the planning and creation of your scrapbook while you’re out on vacation, so it can be wise to document as much as you can and sort things out later. Just make sure to write down tiny notes as you document so you won’t forget important details.

Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies Lets You Preserve Printed Memories

Despite the many advanced gadgets that allow for digital photo collection, scrapbooking remains to be very much a good way of keeping photos and memories, as well as a healthy pastime. Many people, in fact, still prefer this old-fashioned method, according to a report from FOX11, and buy from wholesale scrapbooking supplies shops for their hobby and crafts needs.

Advances in technology have made most people rely on digital means for activities that can be done on paper. This can be seen with e-books, digital newspapers, digital magazines, and scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is even done through various websites where people can upload their photos and customize the look of their scrapbook through various options. On the other hand, traditional scrapbooking makes use of an actual book, printed-out photos, and accessories for designing.

Three Smashing Scrapbooking Tips for Beginners

Don’t just rely on your phone, computer, or ‘the cloud’ alone to house your memories. You could do more than just stashing your pictures in your phone, and the only way you can look at them is by scrolling through. Print. Record. Reminisce. You can do all that when you start scrapbooking your remembrances.

So how do you get good at scrapbooking? If you’re new to the craft, here are ways to simplify the process and maximize the enjoyment you get out of it.

Keep a journal

“Get ready to take notes,” is something a school teacher would often say, and it’s something you should take seriously now if you want to hone your scrapbooking skills. When something memorable happens, write it down. The notes you collect will come quite handy when you’re creating a layout for your scrapbook.

Learn to consolidate

Do some of your stories overlap with repeating patterns or information? Are you missing some photos for a certain event, but have pictures for another similar event? Maybe your scrapbook can benefit from the consolidation of some stories. Try consolidating two stories into one, using only a single photo for them.

Use only one font

Using several fonts in your scrapbook can make it look shoddy and haphazard. Use instead complementary colors to achieve a uniform look throughout your scrapbook.

Online Scrapbook Stores Help in Preserving Your Most Treasured Photos

According to Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf, digital files will disappear in the future as a result of various legal, political, and technical trials of archiving both documents and the technology needed to view them. He contends that while preserving digital files is easy enough, storing hardware as virtual, software-based machinery is trickier, since engineers would have to literally convert physical parts into working computer codes. What does this mean? If you like keeping photos on your iPhone, for instance, your files may one day become obsolete.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to make your photos last: print them out. If properly stored, a printed photo can last for around 200 years or more. How else could you explain those vintage Civil War photographs surviving to modern times? That being said, a printed photo is safe from crashes, hacking, viruses, and problems brought about by out-of-date software or hardware.