Scrapbooking Tips: Dealing with Photos

With scrapbook making, photos and images are the big shots. The creative use and placement of photos can harness the playground of the imagination whose value can infuse a dynamic feel to the overall design. Here are some tips to get your photos tell exciting stories in your scrapbook:

  • If you will be printing photos, you may want to do some retouching (e.g. adjusting exposure, adding some tint, etc.). These aren’t too difficult to execute and there are lots of tutorials and apps online that you can follow.

  • Choose a photo that will serve as a focal point. This will serve as the central element for your page. You don’t always have to take that literally, though. It may actually be better to put the focal-point photo at the upper left corner for left-to-right reading orientation.

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Preserving Newspaper Clippings for Scrapbooks

News clippings or snippets are great additions to a scrapbook, but if you don’t use acid-free scrapbook paper, the newspaper material can degrade the quality of the scrapbook paper. If you can’t get acid-free paper, you may consider other ways to protect your scrapbook pages from the acidity of newspaper materials. The Scrapbook Preservation Society (SPS) offers some simple washing and curing tips for news snippets of various sizes.



For this method, you will need a 9″ x 13″ x 3″ glass dish, distilled water, and a deacidification spray. Pour distilled water into the dish to a height of around one inch, and immerse the clippings for 20 minutes. SPS recommends repeating this procedure if the water turns yellow, as this means the acidic lignin in the paper is reacting with the water.


It’s important to use only distilled water in washing the clippings, as other kinds can heighten the degradation process and weaken the clippings. Let the clippings dry for at least an hour. Some curling along the edges may occur while drying, but they can be straightened out upon pasting. Spray some deacidification agent for protection.



Library preservation uses deacidification agents to create an “alkaline barrier” around the paper. That way, the degradation process can be prevented for as long as the agent lasts. Although libraries use a different kind of deacidification process, scrapbook owners can get one in bottle spray form.

Scrapbook Stores Online Expect a Win as Major Retail Store Shuts Down

“Physical shops closing down are unfortunately nothing new, especially following the most recent economic bubble. For scrapbooking enthusiasts, however, there remains to be another, more stable alternative that is in the form of scrapbook stores online, like

With less cash-out required for the maintenance of an online scrapbook store, shops can instead focus on stocking up on their supplies, which clients can pick out with a simple click of a button. These items will then be delivered right to the doorstep of the client. “

Why Buy Supplies from an Online Scrapbook Store?

Nowadays, the world’s most well-stocked store doesn’t even have a front door. If you need to buy something, just go online and you’ll probably find a retailer selling it for a cheaper price than brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re a scrapbooker, buying your craft supplies from online scrapbook stores offers the following advantages:

Lower Price

Since online stores don’t have physical outlets, they have lower overhead costs and can pass on the savings to customers. Aside from this, online retailers price their goods competitively in order to stand out against the competition. Even better, many offer regular sales and can even deliver purchases for free.


For devoted scrapbookers, a trip to the craft store is like going to a candy shop, but work and home duties often prevent them from getting the supplies they need. Online scrapbook stores allow you to buy decorative papers, stickers, and adhesives without ever leaving the house. Unlike regular stores, online ones are open 24/7 and you can place an order any time.


Craft stores often carry most of the supplies you’ll need, but what if they don’t have the perfect stamp or trinket you’re looking for? Visiting other stores might be an option but think of the time you’ll waste. By shopping online, you can compare various supplies from countless retailers in the comfort of your own home.

Visit Online Scrapbook Stores and Fulfill Your Scrapbooking Dreams

“All the milestones, from magical to mortifying, make great stories — at least eventually.” writes Sloane Stephens Cox of Bella Magazine. These milestones may be remembered through old photographs and mementos, but there’s no other way to tell a story effectively than through scrapbooks. They require an assortment of art supplies that people don’t usually have at home, which compels some scrapbooking enthusiasts to buy supplies from scrapbook stores online. The effort, however, is worth as much as the sense of accomplishment that they feel afterward.

Scrapbooks: It’s About You and Your Adventures

For many people, the best way to store memories is to put them in a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is actually a trend that is fueling the arts and crafts industry worldwide. Some people even go crazy with their albums, and you have the same freedom as well. You can make a scrapbook about anything under the sun. Of course, it would be more fun for you if it contained your stories and your adventures.

Scrapbooks are commonly used to store travel memorabilia, especially when the trip involves going to exotic places with unique cultures. Although you can simply buy a souvenir and essentially achieve the same thing, a scrapbook can help you recount your travels to your friends and loved ones. A scrapbook can also help tell your story to your grandchildren (or perhaps even great-grandchildren), who would surely appreciate the concrete proof of your adventures more than your verbal accounts of them.

People who struggle with senility and memory loss would benefit greatly from going through the scrapbooks they created. The photographs and their accompanying words can jog their recollection. A scrapbook can also help your significant other learn more about you and the life you lived before you met. In a way, a scrapbook can also help remind you of who you truly are.

What’s Your Flavor: Choosing Scrapbook Themes

The beauty of creating scrapbooks is that there are no real conventions in making one; the design possibilities are endless. Enthusiasts are free to put together a scrapbook from whatever materials and resources they have. While this can be great for creative individuals, there’s always the danger of cramming too much junk into the book.

Overdecorating a scrapbook will result in a train wreck of a journal. Random bits and pieces can turn a book into a heap of junk if it isn’t properly organized. While the owner of the scrapbook might not mind, others who will read it might find the book confusing or a little too tacky. To avoid a cluttered look, scrapbook makers should try specifying particular themes for certain portions of the book.

Setting a theme for a scrapbook page is as simple as determining what occasion the page is  commemorating. If a page is filled with pictures from a previous Halloween party, then perhaps you’d want to keep in step with the holiday and decorate the page with decals of monsters and candy. Fortunately, many scrapbooking products come in a variety of themes ranging from various holidays and events. Scrapbooks are meant to celebrate special events in life, so it’s important that the book can clearly deliver that message without confounding readers.